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The concept of “B-Humy” is essentially based on the natural perspiration of Briar or wood in general.
All pipe smokers are well aware of the concept of “perspiration of Briar”, since the main feature of a good pipe is a, so to speak, “dry” smoking and a quite short break time for drying.
For those who are not familiar with the world of pipes it’s worth saying a few more words.
Briar is a root excrescence growing at the bottom of the shrub Erica Arborea, and we can say it has mainly two features: it’s a very hard and compact root, with a high content of silica.
Moreover, ERICA ARBOREA is a “PYROPHYTE” species, meaning that it is resistant to fire and it’s the “litmus test” for forest recovery after a fire, since it’s among the first, if not the first, species to regrow.
These two characteristics make it by far one of the most resisting woods to humidity and combustion, without ever losing its natural porosity.
That’s why it’s perfect for pipe production, since, while smoking, inside the bowl, two things occur at the same time: combustion and accumulation of humidity, the so called “moisture”, created in part by the humidity of tobacco and in part by excess salivation by the smoker, which goes back through mouthpiece and stem.
Briar is the only wood that can resist to all this and, actually, if well processed, it will only improve in years to come!
Now, after the introduction, let’s add that Briar works in nature as a tank for the plant, it grows just below the terrain level in environments that are extremely damp, not to say wet, in the winter season or extremely dry in the summer season, moreover, it clearly stores and releases water as needed.
So, in conclusion, we just use it for what it’s already its task in nature.
After acquiring these concepts, we started our tests that actually took over two years, since working with natural and non-homogenous materials can sometimes be challenging.
But our satisfaction was and is huge!
Right after the first tests astonishment was big! Humidification of tobacco is different from any other kind of humidor: sponge, gel, microsphere, salt or electronic.
Perspiration if Briar does not produce actual drops like in any other systems, but micro-drops that soak more easily inside the tobacco, providing a gradual, homogeneous and NATURAL humidification.
The reason is simple, tobacco leaves and Briar are two natural vegetal elements composed of cells that have “approximately” the same absorption or release of liquids, in a few words: “they speak the same language”.
For cigar lovers: you need to know that micro-fissures that occur in leaves when they’re over-humidified or reconditioned are prevented, you’ll see it yourselves that tobacco will have all the time to recover its natural elasticity without breaking itself.

In case of reconditioning of cigars or dry tobaccos, you’ll notice that after just a few hours, with still an extremely low relative humidity, you’ll feel an aroma explosion, this is the first signal of B-Humy’s work, micro-drops begin to work inside the tobacco cells and not wetting the surface as usually happens!
After a couple days the tobacco will be barely smokable (we suggest to wait a few days more, better a full week) but the aroma will be perfect! As far as cigars are concerned the path is longer, for obvious reasons, tobacco is rolled up and humidity takes longer to penetrate and rehydrate homogeneously, indeed, following our tests, to have a perfectly reconditioned product we suggest to wait about a month.

B-humy has been conceived in three different formats to meet different needs:

  • ECO e SMALL are to be used inside a tobacco tin, a pouch or a pocket cigar pouch.
  • MEDIUM is perfect for medium-small sized jars or for travel cigar pouches.
  • BIG is a must-have inside humidors for 30/50 cigars, above this number it’s advisable to have two or more.

The amount of water, its completely radiating surface and its cylinder shape (more precisely, bullet-like shape) make it perfect for any placement:

- DESIGN: it’s not accidental and it doesn’t have just an aesthetic function, indeed the cylinder shape insures homogeneity in water perspiration; possible external sharp edges could damage the cigars while moving the cigars themselves or the humidor.
Inside tobacco pouches it disappears, you would forget it’s there! … if you had not a constantly perfect tobacco to remind you of its presence.

-CAPACITY: the capacity of the various B-Humy formats has been calibrated based on usage requirements; the risk was exaggerating! Being used to sponge and gel, it took us a while to realize that B-humy, same volume of other humidors, contains more water. Moreover we had to take care of the possible stagnation that can occur inside, and B-Humy naturally tends to balance the humidity percentage between inside and outside, unlike other humidors that always release all the water. This means 70 to 80% (if not intentionally refilled) tends to stop releasing humidity and to retain a water residue inside. Usage recommendations

-RADIATING SURFACE: it’s obviously global! Touching it you’ll notice, when it gets to full operation, that the surface is homogeneously “silky”, as if you were caressing your fingertip skin, it’s non wet and it doesn’t wet, but it’s slightly humid, this is the signal of B-Humy’s proper operation. It can be safely placed in contact with tobacco and cigars without damaging them, it has been specifically studied for this!
Provided that cigars or tobacco be periodically reshuffled, beware of mold!
It still is a humidor, therefore when in direct contact with the tobacco, for a long time and with no air exchange, it can contribute to the generation of mold.

Gabriele & Claudio