Usage recommendations

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It is important to keep in mind that B-Humy is a product made of Briar, therefore wood, and not in metal or plastic.
This means that to put it into operation it needs a short running in:
At the first usage it is advisable to fill it with water and let it rest for a few hours outside the humidor.
This way the Briar will have its natural absorption time, pores will reactivate because of the interchange with the external environment.

B-Humy must be filled with REGULAR WATER! It is absolutely advised against using distilled or demineralized water, since it would damage the wood.
Being wood an organic material, distilled water would dehydrate it and damage it.

DO NOT use propylene glycol or any other kind of liquid for humidors, they could damage or irremediably clog the Briar pores making the humidor completely useless.

Remember that B-Humy autonomously self-regolates.
It naturally tends to balance external humidity with the internal one since micro-perspiration is bidirectional, therefore you’ll notice that when tobacco or cigars have ha relative humidity between 70 and 80% perspiration will cease and you’ll realize it because a steady water residue will remain inside.
If the humidor is seldom open it is advisable to remove the excess water from B-Humy.
If you want to over-humidify or to reactivate the fermentation of tobacco, you’ll just need to keep B-Humy always completely filled, this way the interchange with the external environment will be magnified, forcing it to keep releasing humidity.

It is possible that during the first water fillings, inside B-Humy, the color becomes reddish, this is absolutely normal!
It’s just a few tannin residues typical of Briar itself, which don’t affect in any way cigars of tobacco, on the contrary, they somehow slow down the generation of mold.

B-Humy is a product made of Briar and therefore organic, that being said, its behavior is NON different from all other humidors as far as mold is concerned.
As a matter of fact, if it’s placed inside a humidor destined to remain closed for several weeks (especially in presence of non-seasoned tobaccos) it will contribute to the generation of mold.
The following is now known to most smokers, anyway, as for any other humidor it is advisable not leaving it in a closed and stale environment for too long, it’s always best to open the humidor to air it, stir the tobacco and reshuffle the cigars once every few days.

B-Humy has a surface for humidity release equal to the object itself, normal humidors have holes or fissures, B-humy doesn’t! The entire Briar surface is perspiring and the amount of water has been calibrated based on dimensions and usage of each format.

B-Humy can be placed between and, or, in contact with cigars or tobacco without damaging them in any way, remember though to air the humidor, the jar, or the pouch once in a while to prevent the generation of mold.

That being said, it’s time to enjoy a well preserved tobacco!

Be wet!