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B-Humy ECO:
“ECO” (from the Italian “economico”) stands for “inexpensive”, since our idea is to make the B-Humy product affordable for all budgets, meeting any kind of need.
The body is made of plexiglass, therefore the radiating surface is dramatically reduced and is limited just to the two end plugs, humidification is slower but not less efficient!
Playing in his favor is its transparency, which makes it easier to check the water level on the inside.
B-Humy ECO is especially suitable for tobacco tins, envelopes, tobacco pouches in general and for small cigar pouches (Cigarillos or Half Toscanos)

Dimensions: 68 x 19 mm (2.68 x 0.75 in)

Obviously, the smallest of the family.
Entirely made of Briar, its function is like that of B-Humy ECO, the difference is a much bigger radiating surface, operation being more homogeneous right from the start and, therefore, clearly better!

Dimensions: 70 x 18 mm (2.76 x 0.71 in)

Entirely made of Briar, it’s conceived to meet the needs of smokers who have a small stockpile of tobacco in a jar or need to carry a few cigars on the road or, simply, they regularly supply themselves at their trusted tobacconist and keep at home just a small humidor with a “safety stock”.
This format is perfect to preserve an amount of tobacco of 250 to 500 g (approx. ½ to 1 pound) or about 10 to 15 cigars, depending on the format, 20 for Mareva, Minuto, Perla, Half Toscano, …

Dimensions: 88 x 23 mm (3.46 x 0.91 in)

B-Humy BIG:
Entirely made of Briar, it’s the biggest of the family.
It’s conceived mainly for cigar lovers, since it can be easily placed inside boxes or cabinets for 25 to 50 cigars, depending on the format, but nothing prevents all tobacco lovers in general, who like to have a good stock always ready and well humidified, to benefit from this product.
Our suggestion about big humidors is to place more than one of them depending on the size, in a cabinet we can have up to 4 or 5 B-Humy Big, the natural absorption by the cabinet itself must always be considered.

Dimensions: 113 x 24 mm (4.45 x 0.94 in)

B-Jar Tobacco:
Entirely made of plexiglass, it features a clean and elegant design, the thickness of the used plexiglass used give it authority, robustness and shininess.
A cylinder made of Briar, cut at a 45-degree angle, placed on the lid, eases the opening operation without distorting the cleanliness of the shape, in fact introducing the real star, B-Humy!
Conceived for good tobacco stocks, it can also house small size cigars.

Dimensions: H 130 x Ø 150 mm (H 5.12 x Ø 5.91 in)
Internal dimensions: H 84 x Ø 140 mm (H 3.31 x Ø 5.51 in)

B-Jar Cigars:
Entirely made of plexiglass, it’s the “bigger sister”, conceived to house 30 to 40 cigars depending on the format. These jars are the jewel of the crown of the B-Humy product line, ideal also to furnish the shelves of specialized tobacco shops that like to serve to their customers their own blends or simply the latest cigar.

Dimensions: H 210 x Ø 150 mm (H 8.27h x Ø 5.91 in)
Internal dimensions: H 164 x Ø 140 mm (H 6.46 x Ø 5.51 in)

B-Pouch SET:
The latest addition to the family, this set is conceived for all pipe or roll tobacco smokers.
Made of the best leather used by Claudio Albieri (, entirely Made in Italy; it is lined with natural rubber for a better preservation of tobacco and a long duration of the pouch itself.
Included inside, you’ll find a B-Humy ECO that, hidden in your tobacco, will become your inseparable smoking partner.

Dimensions: 80 x 145 mm (3.15 x 5.71 in)

It’s Gabriele Dal Fiume’s forte (, the 45° cut concept!
For all pipe smokers, none excluded!
This is one of the most brilliant improvements made for the pipe world in the latest years.
Featuring a terse and captivating design, it reduces maximum versatility to just three lines:
the thinnest part works as a spoon, to remove tobacco residue after smoking, it seems sharp, in fact it is deliberately smooth not to damage the pipe or its precious protective layer.
the thickest part is obviously the tamper, the 45° cut allows to press the tobacco with a higher pressure on the outside of the embers and more gently in the center, this leads to the formation of a sort of central “hill” that preserves the embers themselves by easing a perfect, centered and homogeneous combustion.
It’s no coincidence that it’s made entirely of wood, this way the tamper remains at ambient temperature, thus not cooling the embers, unlike tamper with a metal end… Those who compete in slow smoke competitions are well aware of this small but essential expedient!
While smoking it will be a precious help, for draft, combustion, temperature and final cleaning.
The types of wood used may change, research is always aimed at the most refined and resistant ones.
Please try it and let us know you impression!

Gabriele & Claudio