B-HUMY is the acronym for “BRIAR HUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM”, born in 2013 from the cooperation between Gabriele Dal Fiume and Claudio Albieri.
Like all inventions (or usage modifications, as in this case) the idea generates itself almost accidentally to address a specific need.
Claudio Albieri was looking for a humidor that was effective, autonomous, but above all beautiful and elegant, to be placed in one of his creations.
After months of searching without finding the proper product, by chance, during a smoky night accompanied by a good whisky, he talked about it with Gabriele Del Fiume, who immediately got interested in the problem and, in a few days, came out with the idea:

Why not use Briar as the material to build the humidor?

This intuition generated an avalanche of other ideas, the need caught on, more and more, to merge also other products into B-Humy, thus changing the birth of a humidor into an actual new project.
B-Humy is indeed an expanding brand, which in due time will see the arrival of new ideas.
This is a 360-degree research!

The only limit imposed on research and innovation, or, more precisely, the only two “unescapable dogmas” are:
… which, come to think about it, rather than limits are pride and symbol of the brand!

Last but not least, the B-Humy brand is completely MADE IN ITALY.